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Promoting Independence

Dedicated to helping clients remain in their chosen home through life's changes and challenges.

We provide support and education in home modification to reduce falls risk, improve home safety, and support an independent lifestyle.

3 Core Principles:

Universal Design:

"Universal Design is the design and composition of an environment so that it can be accessed, understood, and used to the greatest extent possible by all people, regardless of age, size, ability, or disability."

Definition from the National Disability Authority


"Housing designed in such a way that it can be lived in or visited by people who have trouble with steps or who use a wheelchair or a walker."

Definition from
  • Is your home visitable?
    • Can family or friends visit, even if they have trouble negotiating stairs?
    • If you had a temporary injury or illness, could you comfortably live in your own home while recovering?

Accessible Design

An environment that is usable for people with a wide range of abilities, that supports ease and safety under a wide range of circumstances. Typically refers to wheelchair accessibility.

From simple fixes to full remodelling, there are multiple options to make your home safer, more efficient, and easier to use for now and for the future.

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Carol VanDuyne OTR/L, CAPS

Licensed Occupational Therapist and Certified Aging in Place Specialist.

Over 20 years experience providing Occupational Therapy services to adults with physical disabilities, and over 15 years experience in Home Health Care; providing instruction in home safety, home modification, and falls risk reduction.